The Most Romantic City of India and the Kashmir of Rajasthan Udaipur Also known as The city of lakes.

Udaipur - Beauty and Significance

Udaipur city, cupped by the lofty ranges of the Aravallis where charming sky and friendly Nature conspire to endow the placid lakes and majestic palaces with delightful beauty that defies adequate expression.

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Lakes of Udaipur

The lakes of Udaipur, brimmed with steel-blue wate, splashing the feet of the lofty and green hills on the west, reflected by the massive white palaces and revered temples on the east, studded with palaces.

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Around Udaipur

The richness of the Udaipur is Arts; particularly the Miniature Paintings and the Wall Paintings of udaipur are unmatchable. The local artisans paint in the Mughal, Mewari, Kangda, and Kishangarh (shally) tradition.

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